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Paint by number kit - Yellow House

Paint by number kit - Yellow House

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Paint by number is a fun and accessible artistic activity for everyone.

How it works ?
Nothing could be simpler, you just have to apply the paint on each of the squares bearing the same number.
Each kit has the necessary to paint, namely: canvas, brushes, and acrylic paint. The amount of paint is sufficient to cover everything.

In addition to a creative activity that will bring you many satisfactions, you will have a large format canvas to then decorate your interior!

What does the box contain?

- A pre-drawn and numbered flexible canvas to paint, format 40 x 50 cm
- 3 brushes of 2 sizes
- About twenty small acrylic pots (be careful, it stains!)
- 1 small illustration
- 1 manual which contains a description of the components, advice
- Completion time: between 8 and 12 hours

Did you know that this activity brings many benefits?

You're going to put yourself in a little bubble, this will be your moment. Perfect for disconnecting from everyday life, reducing stress and improving concentration and self-esteem. You will be so proud when the work is finished.

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